I made some homemade peanut butter. Ingredients: Brizsa’s slightly burnt roasted peanuts because she ruins everything that goes in an oven forever and ever.

Don’t wanna shower? Wear a toque. Be a hipster. #life

@cavallarin s attempt at hiding junk food from me. #nicetry

I’m probably going to be late for work.

Check da pompz guys! I’m starting to look as strong as I am!! Woooo

Oh my god @budweiserchick07 just gave us a bucket full of crab! So happy!! Thank you! #friendlyneighbours 😏

These pants are happening today

My body is so picky! I had a whey that worked but made me breakout a bit. Now I can’t even find that way and I’m throwing money away trying others that make me bloat! Anyone ever try sun warrior raw vegan protein? I can’t seem to find any bad reviews! I’ll probably give it a shot and see how it goes. Problem is its like 70$ at very limited places in Vancouver but like 40$ a half hour drive over the border. Sighhhhh

This is gonna be me and Dan :)

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Gentlemen. This is what rape culture is like:

Imagine you have a Rolex watch. Nice fancy Rolex, you bought it because you like the way it looks and you wanted to treat yourself. And then you get beaten and mugged and your Rolex is stolen. So you go to the police. Only, instead of investigating the crime, the police want to know why you were wearing a Rolex instead of a regular watch. Have you ever given a Rolex to anyone else? Is it possible you wanted to be mugged? Why didn’t you wear long sleeves to cover up the Rolex if you didn’t want to be mugged?

And then after that, everywhere you go, there are constant jokes about stealing your Rolex. People you don’t even know whistle at your Rolex and make jokes about cutting your hand off to get it. The media doesn’t help either; it portrays people who wear Rolexes as flamboyant assholes who secretly just want someone to come along and take that Rolex off their hands. When damn, all you wanted was to wear a nice watch without getting harassed for it. When you complain that you are starting to feel unsafe, people laugh you off and say that you are too uptight. Never mind you got violently attacked for the crime of wearing a friggin time piece.

Imagining all that? It sucks, doesn’t it.

Now imagine you could never take the Rolex off.


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#ponchothemexicankitty harsh working his angles looking so adorbs #kitty #iusuallyhatethem #notthismorningthough