we’re all just 5 liters of blood sloshing around a big meaty bag turning food into poop and trying to fuck a little

do you everΒ feel yourself being annoying or antisocial but you just cant stop

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Doily tattoo by Andy JohnsonΒ at Long Street Collective Tattoo & Gallery, Columbus, Ohio.Β 

Date night with @cavallarin 😘😘😘

Date night @cavallarin

Girls, where you at?!? #ladiesgym 😏😏😏

Tooooootiest #imsoannoying

Italians are weird

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This is what I look like at the smallest my tummy has ever been! Definitely have a long way to go. But this gives me hope that I will be happy by the time I leave for Cali! I am only a teeny bit embarrassed about posting this which is HUGE improvement #sorrynotsorry