Post gym kitty cuddles. Mainly I want to show off that dans gained almost 30 lbs and ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜

Buddy at work just gave me many gifts of life. #friendlyacquaintances

"toseeachangeinme replied to your post: The worst part about getting healthy or losing weight is
I completely know how you feelโ€ฆ Honestly I feel like those who have tried this the longest know the most, b/c people learn from their mistakes and know what actually works and keeps the weight off vs. losing the weight quickly and gain it back.”

And to add to that: people who have been doing this for a while also understand that everyone’s body works differently and are way more supportive. I am rarely rolling my eyes at people’s attempts to success (juicing can go fuck itself though IMO) and I give advice but understand if they’re not into it!
My sister recently got mad at me for trying IF. Like YO I FEEL AMAZING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WHILE. And I’m not skipping breakfast at all I’m just eating it later in the day. And it’s like double the size (I fucking love food)

QuestionI want to get back into working out. I use to love it when I lived away from home and didn't have family around me so I would work out heaps and love doing work out classes. I've kind of lost my mojo and I want to get back into doing weight workouts.I have a weights machine/dumbbells/medicine ball...i REALLY would love some advice or even what you do in a week!? And if possible a diet plan of what you would eat? Answer

I find what weak for me and doesn’t get in the way of my schedule at all is early morning workoutS! I go and do everything before I go to work. And then when I’m tired after work or feel lazy I have no guilt just sitting on the couch all night! That ha definitely kept me in check. And my workout routine is much more limited because I have an injured neck that I’m nursing. So it’s intense leg days, cardio, HIIT and abs mostly. I’m there 5-6 days a week and most of my accomplishments come from a healthy diet!

Everyone has read a women’s fitness magazine and think they know best. And tell you you’re being unhealthy and doing it wrong. Not saying I am above anyone but some people need to fucking realize I’ve been doing this for over 6 years and have tried every crazy diet under the sun. I KNOW WHAT WORKS FOR ME! I DONT FUCKING CARE IF WOMENS HEALTH TELLS YOU BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY OR THAT HEY PROTEIN WILL MAKE ME FAT! I am at wits end with people. Let me do me!

And I bought 2 pairs of 501s because they were so cheap even though they don’t for my body properly?? Well I found PERFECT ones for $50 and then went online and found them for ELEVEN DOLLARS holy fuck I am so excited. Ps 1 wk til vegas

Is poncho Mexican? Or Asian? Sometimes I wonder.

Such a wonderful tv-watching companion. Ps I have the day off if anyone wants to come sit poolside with me

It’s hot ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

Hahaha this is why were friends @soopafeen a little post hike mobility

So obsessed with my hair. #icanteven

Thanks for the new hair @soopafeen !! #duckface #danielsgirl

Really though. #diazvista

Nice hike around buntzen this morning with my friends visiting for the weekend @soopafeen