Finally getting around to decorating. Thanks for your patience @cavallarin #dontbemad

Most necessary purchase. Cat vans #goodidea


I got this sent to me today….so did dan….seems a bit unnecessary I don’t think I deserve such negativity in my life. #hipsterdays

Charlie lives on the edge… 19 floors up.

I can’t even function normally. I become to absorbed by avenged sevenfold and I just want to listen all day and stare at the ceiling. I’m just so in love with everything they do. Go away work I’m busy 😩 #hipsterpost


I go into hollister only to see how my favorite city is looking. #hb they must be miserable in all that sun doing all that surf

Breakfast and then gym and then work

Headed to work as a full time babysitter.

I like that we can longboard to the grocery store now

Drummer kitty @cavallarin



i started my weight loss journey about a year ago (first picture) and today is the second! I’m so happy with the progress i’ve made! Its amazing what healthy eating and exercise will do

Starting Weight: 168
Current Weight: 127
I’m 5’4”!


My smoked salmon eggs Benny this morning at the red wagon wi @ariismith #breakydate #pictureofhertocomenextbutshellhatemeforit…

Dan is my favorite because he stays late at work and comes home with this 😁 #handyman